Tuesday, November 21, 2006

it is true...

yeah...we broke up.
and i think there's no way we could ever patch back.
this hole is simply too deep.
nothing will ever be the same ever again.
there's no place for her to be my friend now in my heart.
she's more than a friend to me.
and i can't simply forget what happened for the past 17 months and start anew as a friend wif her.

not to worry.
i do take care of myself now.
i guess i'm tryin to get over wif this with work.
i can't say i'm in terrible pain coz i can't feel a thing.
i can't even cry.
it's like when she left...she ripped out my whole heart out.
and now there's nothing in there.
i feel empty.
the very mention of her name give me severe headache.
i feel a sudden rush of millions of thoughts runnin tru my head.
i wish i could just drop dead sometimes.
i want to cry this heart out.
i really want to.
but somehow i just can't.
and this feeling is worst than anything i've ever felt before.

i still do love her.
and i always will.
she was part of my life before.
a great part indeed.
the memories we shared will never be forgotten ever.
as much as i'd like to move on...
this will always be true.
she'll always be in my heart no matter wad.
even if i find a new love...
jilly themin will always have a place in my heart.

a few pics from my sis' bdae party the other day.

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and a shot that shoudn't have been taken

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and i thank the people that have been there and is still being there for me whever i need you.

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i wish i could cry..........

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