Thursday, May 18, 2006

a thousand pairs of hands...

so...what event it really is ?
you will know soon la.
it's gonna be a blast balls !

today, you can't deny that there's been an increasing number of young self-made millionaires.
however, you can't deny that most of these millionaires too made their money from network marketing.
networking marketing itself has been a bad bad bad kind of business in the past.

in the 70-80's, the era of the dark ages.
network marketing arise.
then, when people begin to have more knowledge bout this market.
they began to abuse this power.
there's where the scams and schemes come about in the 80-90's.
again, as the government begin to realise the threat of such systems...
most governments in the world made such a system illegal.
why would i refer such a system illegal instead of the pyramid system illegal ?

think about this.
doesn't everythign that evolve around you is based on a pyramid system ?

in the coporate system.
there's always one CEO and....
i guess the diagram below should explain why it's a pyramid system.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting such a system illegal too ?
no they are not.

in fact, you and i are part of a pyramid system too !!
how ?
think bout your grandparents who gave birth to your father / mother with their siblings ( ur uncle and aunty ). then your parents who then gave birth to you and your uncles and aunties who gave birth to their kids ( your cousins )

see ?
ain't it in a pyramid shape too ?

go to a bookstore.
be it mph or popular.
check this out.
go to the business section,
and see how many books are published that's about networking business.
today, i see more books about this than any other books.
say if this business don't work...
will those idiots still be writing bout it and go bestseller ?

only thing is..
you work hard here...your pay doubles and triples
you work hard else where...your pay will remain the freaking same.
you don't work hard get nothing
you don't work hard else get fucking fired !

btw, my number don't change.
and to you that called me this morning,
the girl from KL.
i apologise that i didn't even get your name.
apparently, i just gotten up from bed.
again, if you do have further question.
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