Friday, May 12, 2006

it's been 11 months...

it's been eleven months...
times flies yea,
one more month.
and we'll be one year old.
i hope that you still do feel the same way as when we just started this.

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been a stressful week man.
bis projects,
and now qtqm project.
glad that i'll be at kl tomorrow.
will be back on sunday.

and for this 11 months,
she and i received the very best presents ever from both of our parents.
my mum,
is brining my sis, bro and cousin over to singapore next term.
that is, 30th july.
i'll be following them too.
and the best part iss............
her parents finally agreed too !!

thou they'll only be here for 5 days.
finally YES FINALLY !
princess got to see with her own eyes,
the place where i live most of my life at.
and i think i'll still be on holiday for the very first few days.
guess i'll have another tour of singapore again.
but this time.
it's with my loved ones.
simply wonderful.

and yep !
princess has agreed too to go back to the place we were met again.
for our 1 year annivesary.
i'm just so fucking happy.
and i hope.
i really hope.
life will not find its way to fuck us up again.

it's been 11 months...
i've never been this happy princess.
i love you as much as ever.

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