Wednesday, May 10, 2006

new layout

new layout people...
please mind the fucked up pics below with the white thingy and stuff.
they'll be gone soon enough.

tell me whadda ya think yea ?

1 down - 1 more to go.

last night was simply amazing...
well, today is BIS project deadline.
last night, for the very first time in 6 months.
my SIM friends MSN list at freaking 3 a.m. showed 17 people is still online !!
by those'll just be bout 2 or 3.
17 man.
seems like lots of people are burning the midnight oil.

anyway, this paper like layout concept.
is the very same concept i used for my BIS project layout.
except it's better...
for the project itself.
i spent the whole freaking day !!
since i wake up till i sleep !!
which was like from bout 10 a.m to 5 a.m.
all those time dedicated to the project.
i sat till my ass hurts balls.
my fingers hurts from those picture edittin and hyperlinking.
so..what did i do ?
i did on a photoshop service company named BertEfects,
thanks to pat for the idea.
and no, i won't freaking pay you for that.
i didn't use BertEfacts, which you suggested.
i just dump in whatever pics i've created in the past,
which most of you have seen too.
and yes, including the pic below...
the fugly ah pek version of me.

when will this emotional torture be over.
i've never love anyone like i love you, princess.
no...not even my first love.

i miss you...

i miss being able to sleep in your hand...
makin them as if it's my pillow.
and when i'm already asleep.
you'd still stay by me and watch me sleep
you never let go of your hand.
tangling them within mine...
and you'd even secretly take a pic of me.
till i find it out myself...
and you just reply me with a smile.

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and the face you see...
is the face of the happiest man at that moment.

i miss being in your hands.
how you'd hang on to me when i'm there.
even when i'm edittin your sis' pic.

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that is my happiest time doing my fav hobby.
and you gave me that.

i love it when you have your hands around me.
and i love lying on your shoulder.
hugging you.
and talking.
just sharing everything.
your warmth.
simply your presence give me ease.
simply being at the same town.

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i've never felt such a love before.
not even the love i feel for my parents.
you are the one who taught me.
you taught me how to live again.
you make me new.

it aches me,
for not being there for you when you're sick.
if i could,
i'd sacrifice 5 years of my life for you tonight.
it's always like this.
you're not feeling well.
and here i am.
i want like every other boyfriend.
who can be there.
by your side when you're not well.
taking care of you when you're sick.
be by your side till you're asleep.
just watching you.
till you get well.

i just can't...
sorry is not never enough.

and here i am again,
sitting alone through the night.
reminiscencing every moment we had together.
watchin the vids we took together.
remembering every moment that was captured as images.

we were primary school friends.
back then,
i can't remember an event of which we ever spoke.
5 years after we were separated,
we are a couple.
we are in love.
and you my girl,
is the girl that will be forever in my life.
the girl i know since i was in primary 1.

there's no amount of words that can justify the love i have for you.
for my love just gets stronger each day.
you are my prove that god exists.
for you are His greatest gift for me.

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