Monday, May 11, 2009

omg so busy

as anticipated
my "holiday" back here isn't really much of "holiday"
i've just booked my flight back to singapore
flying back on the 18th
i play a little games in the late afternoon, waking up in the mid afternoon
then have my dinner
then more games and family time
then my supper
then i'm up all night working
have got 1 major editing to be done
but looking at the condition of my laptop now
i think i'm gonna have to postpone that till i'm back with my mac
then the piling up works are designing works
- exhibition poster design
- exhibition leaflet design
- exhibition invitation card design
- mini website draft design
and the only design complete were the previous post's t-shirt design

after leaving designing off for quite some time
am kinda :| to have so many designin work to do
but it's all good
= time re-visit photoshop in detail
and get the head back working for fresher ideas XD

am totally loving NOW.
lots of works be it photography or design = LOVE

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