Sunday, May 03, 2009

InlineX | Xin Wang | T3

basically shoot like half of my day away
which is much love
anyhow shoot also much much love
so today's a preview of what i did today d
and of course all of these will only be up after the zoo's post XD


founded by two of my hangout buddies back during my secondary school life here
both adam and matin gave me a call ask me if i can help them shoot their lesson
they want pictures for their website at
having haven't been meeting them for a long long time
and having heard the both of them kinda started their own thing | entrepreneurship, something i truly truly support and respect for people my age or younger as they take that path towards settlement and maturity |
so of course my only answer is a yes
7 plus am adam fetched me from my home
and off we went to aljunied

long story cut short so i can have more to write later on when i'm doing their post is just :
- i truly enjoyed my time | meeting them, shooting them, and the presence they made me felt
hats off to both of you dudes !
am really honestly happy as a friend that you both kinda finally are serious about life, especially adam, lots of changes there
- they thought me how to roller blade in a day ! | ok i had ice skating background
- fully support InlineX !

go click their website to find out more about their current services, offer and promotions !

some sneak peak



after shooting them and roller blading with them and their students
matin sent me to Changi Airport Terminal 3
to go meet ST and homesick
to go shoot Xin Wang's food


more bout it soon !

after shoot shoot food
we makan them lor
then very full
then we invaded T3
to go for some narcissism !



i think the last pic rocks !
gotta sleep already
have to wake up early again tomorrow
gonna go east coast for some cycling
ok bye
zoo zoo zoo post continue tomorrow !

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