Monday, January 04, 2010



a very much postponed late update i shall say
the previous week has been rather hectic
with a few changes in my life
thus trying to settle down a little bit more
so i shall say something eh


the year 2009 ended greatly
it's been an awesome awesome year
all the way from january up till december
2009 by far has been filled with amazing memories i don't think i'll ever forget
and for that
i know
2010 will be better
things will rise
and now
coming in on the 4th day of 2010
i've finally completed my resume !
and also my mini portfolio that can be viewed at
go go go go have a look

another update is that
my body clock i think is finally switched to normal
i get tired before 12
which means now i'm overworking
i'm kinda very sleepy now
the personal deadlines i set is what's pushing me on
and i wake up early
i even have time to have breakfast !
pretty amazing
and i'm loving it

2010 is gonna be great !
on the 2nd day
i confirmed my first work of 2010 :)
and is quite excited to work towards it !

2010 will be awesome
i know it
and i wish and hope
everyone else's will be too !

happy belated new year everyone !

1 comment:

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