Monday, September 28, 2009

the Leica

as of now
i think i'll add this little thing to show you what camera i'm actually using to shoot the pictures i'll be displaying in the subsequent posts
and for this one
it'd be this


i've been wanting to buy a compact compact camera for a while now
actually i have a few compacts
2 compacts previously to be precise
but then
their size
to me
isn't compact at all man


Canon Powershot D10
bought it for all the underwater pictures
and especially for my Bali trip the other time


Canon Powershot G9
Won it two years ago from the Canon Photo Marathon 2007

these two cams are great
produces amazing pictures
couldn't ask for more from them
but then
they're used only for specific purposes
i use to carry my G9 for my travel trips for all the video-ing
and other random snapshots
the G9 has thus been replaced with the D10 for my travel compact cam
it's more versatile,
and the best thing is
it can shoot underwater :)
so for now,
the G9 will rest in the dry box
and the D10 will definitely be with me if i happen to go to beaches or swimmings for now

see these two camera
despite it's quality
is still a little too big for me
that's when i began researching and finding around a compact compact camera
ultra compact camera those kind
i want a small, good, quality, compact camera
so that i can have a camera with me
just for the usual casual snapshots with friends
or for those moments i had always wished i have a camera with me
i considered
the Lumix LX 3

i'm comfortable with its price
the size was ok
slightly slimmer than the G9
and produces amazing quality
i went down to look at its actual size
= too big
the lens doesn't retract back in
bulky still in my ultra compact camera category
that's when i further research for a compact camera

i've never considered sony
i don't know why
and when i saw the Leica C Lux 3
I FEEL IN LOVE immediately !
went down to take a look
did test shots
and was blown away !!!

here's the new member of my camera and lenses family !



my very first Leica :)
i'm looking forward to some amazing HD videos and pictures from it in the near future !

arts festival pictures will be resumed tomorrow !

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Parth said...

hey....lovely photographs.
I sang a solo song in Art fest 2009..SIM GOT u have any more pics that u can uplaod??so mayb i'll find myself somewea....was wearing a white SIM jacket(to help u find it).. Thankx :)