Saturday, January 17, 2009


damn tired
and i still have to prepare the powerpoint slides for tomorrow's thing

just got back and finished filtering + did a slide touch up to some 100 over pics from an event coverage at prive
talk about how fast i can finish up my work and how long i can drag my works

the event was a blast
met lots of fun people :D
freeflow of alcohol = drunkards will definitely be around
and that'll something that'll make us taking the photos even more excited
the people of the company sure are damn friendly
they dragged us (arifin and i were the photographers for the event) to their dances
gave us food + drinks
among themselves....
i've really never seen work colleagues as close as they are man !
they sure are a damn big family :)
two pics from today d


that's me and some of them
the middle fella is a japanese
and he's the CEO of the company !
totally damn friendly guy

and between snapping their party
i stole some time for some landscape shot too XD


ok finish
gotta go do my presentation slides

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