Friday, January 16, 2009

been windy

somehow dunno why
singapore has been like super windy
day and night
all same same
even today
when the sky was totally and finally blue throughout
the sky glaring down all
it's still damn windy
and out there like right now
it's even colder than in my room with the air-con on
last time singapore so hot hot hot hot
now so cold cold cold
dun haf like moderate moderate nice nice nice like back home in Medan :D
it's either really really damn hot
or really damn cold here

due to my terrible procrastination of updating the blog that even my medan's photos haven't even been uploaded yet
this is highly due to my still current holiday mood cause school hasn't really started and i'm very much looking forward to get back home again to medan for chinese new year because i miss her like so very very much alreadi like right now seriously that i feel so damn lazy nowadays to like properly settle down and complete my things even thought i have like 5 more folders and another 1 more tomorrow cause i covering an event tomorrow like to complete finish editing and this is beginning to be a really long sentence that include so much thing that it's becoming nonsensical so ok full stop here .
share 3 pics shot today
well, sunset
at that place u guys have always seen again


if the color doesn't turn out right
that's highly because of my calibration again
and again again
i'm lazy to re-calibrate
blame laziness aight


and this one shot on my way home


ok now i really really need to finish off editing some 40 photos left from the other day's event at blood ties cause i have to pass the cd to the school like tomorrow cause when i shoot for something i have to be responsible for i'll be as responsible as possible and since i don't really like to wait, i try to make people i shoot for not wait that long too cause well, even nobody's perfect, i still try to be nice :) especially in this new year
and yes
one of my 09 still-not-completed-due-to-laziness-also punya resolution is
- be nicer to the world.

ok i really gotta go edit that 40 pics now
so bye
please don't leave me because i'm so lazy right now k
coz i promise promise i'll get back to that first gear really soon !

1 comment:

Linlin said...

cold here meh?my hometown is now like below 10 degree..
and i am already holiday mood now~~~~haha~~