Thursday, January 08, 2009


no i'm not dead yet
my plane didn't crash
i'm just busy
with er.......
settling my sch's documentation thing
my student pass officially died today
and i'm still waiting for the school to finish settling their thing so i can like go to ICA and get my new student pass
also busy re-organizing my photos from medan to the mac
and also been gaming
been going out also
so haven't settle down yet la

since i is about to settle down quite ok alreadi
i also machiam rames, join the flickr 365 d
i got to know that like late last year
want to join also like no use alreadi coz won't even be 200days or wad
now at least i have like some 357 days
so this is my first pic in the proj XD


i know la
late like 8 days
but don't care
with you a happy new year 2009 !
may your weeks and days ahead be bright and colorful machiam the foto !

1 comment:

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