Monday, December 22, 2008

masked, black and white

quite tired and sleepy
my indian neighbour across the street's son got married today
and one thing about them that i still don't understand is
instead of celebrating their wedding in restaurants like us chinese, they do it on the road instead
so 2 days ago they've set up some bug tend and made an entire road block
and this morning at 8
they began blasting their music with some hindu + english + indo songs
all the entire way till 12.30 midnight just now
yes, imagine the noise pollution
and even though i'm like living on the 3rd storey,
the music was blasted so damn loud that it woke me the way as if the speakers were right beside my ears
to me this act is freaking inconsiderate
i mean, of course u can celebrate ur wedding and do road blocks and stuff and also since it's just a day kinda thing 8 am in the morning on a sunday ?
HELLO......we people need to rest here
ok may be not me
but the rest of the neighbors leh ?
and instead of playing some soothing calming music late tru the night
they started with some rock songs at 2300 all the way till they end
i didn't have enough sleep last night
and woke up at 8 this morning, which was ok since i was supposed to wake up early too this morning for a shoot
but when i was back home at around 3 hoping to catch some sleep,
i reached home to still, loud unknown, tru bursted blasted speakers songs
and so they kept me awake tru the day
so i is damn tired
so i is lazy to edit foto
so i hope tomolo morning no more music / song
so i today share 3 photos of myself onli lah

my today's shoot required me to wear this for safetly resasons
my fren said i looked like jason (the killer) just that jason is equipped with a parang and me, 50d + 100mm macro lens


i mentioned the other time didn't it that i bought 2 new glasses ?
here they are !


another white frame glasses !

and a black frame glasses
some color i've never wear / associated myself with


and oh i know my hair's very long now
but no plans on cutting it yet

ok i go sleep

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Linlin said...

so long your hair and a new spectacle?

Merry Christmas and happy new year:)