Sunday, December 14, 2008

beauty Xpose | intro

keeping this short,
so this is what happen today
i join this beauty Xpose thing
some model shoot organized by intermezzo cafe in medan
and am home now
totally freaking damn disappointed with the organizing committee for the extremely lateness in every single freaking thing with no apologies etc...
totally disappointed on how the organized the flow of the events
for one,
each of us were supposed to shoot like 5 models
due to the screwed-up-ness of them
i don't know why
i only shoot like 4
there were supposed to be like 6 locations
i only managed to get 5
the way they light the models up
= super duper extremely freakingly lowly budgettedly disappointing, they used halogen lights = yellow lights = any good photographer will tell you halogen lights = ur wb = can throw dustbin = fugly = i have to keep on changing my wb or i shoot bw straight coz i cannot tahan the fugliest even in-camera, nuff said.

I, Herbert Johan, declares your entire event, totally sucked, full stop.

or may be i was expecting too much ?

enough rants
have to sleep
leaving to brastagi tomorrow
another pre-wed shoot !

man i'm loving my days here

shooting makes herbert a very happy man :)

the only 4 models out of 5 i managed to shot were :

model 1

model 2

model 3

model 4

my sincerest apologies ladies,
but i forgot all of your names
and yes
i have problems remembering names
and i am very bad in it

k continue with this after a+a finish d XD

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