Friday, June 23, 2006

another departure...

leaving singapore this sunday morning.
tomorrow flight is fully booked !
god damn it.
hope i'll have time to do some dvd shopping around :)
leaving for penang on the 26th from medan.
should reach KL by the 27th(if we're not staying over genting) for sunway lagoon.
and probably some shopping.
then should be here again in singapore by the 1st july !
where princess would join me here if again, life does not fuck us up.
i miss you princess.
a lot !

and this link should be at the side soon !
princess' friend which is also later on my friend.
anyway mi,
if you're reading this.
" it's separation that make a bond stronger :)
you just gotta be strong.
well, at least he's not leavin u for months like princess does.

p.s. don't learn the "F"word from here k :), that includes freakingly :P"

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