Tuesday, June 23, 2009

singapore - medan

i remembered super vividly how agesly long it took to edit a single photo previously during my last visit back home
thank you mb
thank you so much apple !
all those were gone !
editing is seamlessly superb fast !
and well
though mac software here are kinda hard to find
no mac photoshop 4
no mac lightroom
so instead
i installed
photoshop 3 (no choice lor)
and aperture 2

for one,
i've always thought that aperture is like the mac version of lightroom
and well,
i can definitely see the similarities
but also there's some differences
so far
i still prefer lightroom
but for now
aperture will be able to do the job :)

since editing is so darn fast
here's 3 photos i took during my journey back home !


in da cab


sun blocked by the plane's wing


moments before i fell asleep like i always do during the hour flight home

aight !
more soon !
definitely looking forward to more photography back home here !!!

1 comment:

Stanley said...

Wah, awesome shots! Love the one you took from the cab.