Thursday, December 28, 2006

thank you.

she, has spent the past few nights with me.
she, has brought laughter in my life again.
she, has accompanied me during these lonely days.
she, has been a friend and a work partner.
she, has helped me found my heart back.
finally, i'm able to feel pain again.
finally, i feel sad.

sad of leaving this town once agian.

i sure had lots of fun spending those times with you.
and i hope u do too.

and thank you will never be enough.
for now,
you've fully cured me from this pain.
i hope you've never thought that i took you as a replacement.
everything i did,
was simply plain me.
never because that i wanted someone to be by my side.
nor because that i wanted someone to shower the rest of my love wif her with.

i sincerely thank you.
thank you for your time.

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